5 Best Mobile Home Steps

Mobile home steps are readily available and suited to every need! These steps are essential to help you go in and out of your home efficiently and safely.

The basic parts for a set of mobile home steps are similar to a regular set of steps. You can even build them yourself. Read on to find out all you need to know to make the correct choice. Also, find five recommended mobile home steps.

The 5 Best Mobile Home Steps

mobile home steps

A number of factors influence the choice of getting a set of mobile home steps. Nevertheless, these are some of the best. They have great reviews and are reliable options. All of them also come with a warranty that lasts ten years.

1. Dura Grip II™ 24″ x 24″ X 36″ Fiberglass 3 Steps

The first step on our list is this set, made of treated plywood and lumber. Treated wood helps the set last longer. It is designed to combat decay, rotting as well as warping. It comes with a textured surface that provides better footing and is slip-resistant. The set is easy to assemble, and there is no drilling required.

2. Dura Grip II™ 32″ x 24″ X 36″ Fiberglass 4 Steps

Also made of treated plywood and lumber, this set of stairs has a contemporary look. It is also slip-resistant and easy to set up. There are multiple options for side rails. You can choose one and check the availability according to your location codes. With all these facilities available, it makes for a great choice. The treated wood also helps in its longevity.

3. Dura Grip II™ 28″ x 24″ X 36″ Fiberglass 4 Steps

This is a four-step set that comes with a top platform. It is also made from sturdy lumber that is resistant to rotting and warping. You can choose side rails and easily assemble them. It is a straight approach mobile home step set.

In addition, customers have also stated that this set helps keep enough space for parking.

4. Dura Grip II™ 16″ x 38″ X 48″ Fiberglass 2 Steps

If your mobile home is built low, this set is a perfect fit for you! This set consists of only two steps. This makes it easily navigable by aged people who also benefit from the textured, non-slip build. You can fix it for straight as well as a side approach.

5. Dura Grip II™ 40″ x 24″ X 36″ Fiberglass 5 Steps

This is the tallest set of steps on this list. It comes with the same durable and amazing quality features as the others. It leaves sufficient space between the ground and your porch. This set is also easy to mount. You can get your rails separately from the available options.

Buying Guide

Mobile home steps can be made of several different materials. Depending on your budget and preference, you can choose the best fit for you. The following are some frequently used materials.

  • Fiberglass

Nowadays, fiberglass is becoming an increasingly popular option. It is a sturdy, lightweight as well as attractive material. Besides being used for mobile home steps, they are also used in various automotive and industrial buildings.

So, it is also reliable. The interior for these fiberglass steps is made of a wooden frame.

Cleaning and maintaining them is quite easy too. Their durability against all kinds of weather conditions is a great advantage. This makes them a long-lasting and reliable choice. Numerous varieties, like the ones we have seen above, are available under this material.

  • Wood

When we think of materials for our steps, wood immediately comes to our minds. Wood is a popular material. It is easily available everywhere, and it is cheap and affordable. It is also easy to work with. Therefore, it is a great choice in terms of convenience. However, there are some disadvantages to wood mobile home steps.

Wood stains easily and can suffer from rotting and insect infestations if not treated properly. This can also reduce its lifespan. The type of weather conditions your steps will face also makes a difference. It is important to use treated wood and maintain your wooden steps to stay in good condition.

Durability and maintenance are important factors to consider when choosing your wood. Primarily, three types of decking lumber are used: cedar, composite wood, or treated wood. Each of these types again has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Concrete

Concrete mobile home steps are a popular, albeit expensive choice. Nevertheless, it can last for decades and is resilient, which makes many people choose it. It also lends an elegant look to your home.

Concrete can be quite expensive, especially if you are looking for bigger stairs. It is heavy and cannot be easily moved. You will likely have to get professional machines to move sets with more than two or three steps. It is also not as easily available as the other options.

Before you install your concrete steps, you also need to do a bit of preparation. You need to prepare the ground and measure to level the steps properly. Concrete steps can crack and become unlevelled in the long run.

This can happen if there are extremes of temperature in your location. You have to maintain them to prevent this properly.

  • Plastic

Even plastic can be used to build mobile home steps. Materials like polythene and PVC are often used to make steps. The results are light, as well as cheap. They are also often made together with wooden components.

The look of a plastic step, however, is not preferred by many. Also, for households with the elderly and children, it can be quite dangerous. This is because they often stay wet due to rain or snow. They are also not particularly durable or sturdy. However, they are still as great as a temporary option.

  • Metal

Metal is always a safe and reliable option. This is why in the case of mobile home steps too, it is quite a popular choice. Not only is it sturdy and durable, but it is also cost-efficient. Aluminum and steel are popular choices from this category.

It is a favorite among many. You can easily set it up with your average box of tools. Since it is lightweight, it can also be easily shifted and carried. Most metal step sets can also be completely disassembled.

There are, however, some disadvantages. Metal rusts very easily. This will especially be rapid if you live in a place with high rainfall. However, opting for aluminum solves this problem. Metal steps are great for temporary use.

How Do I Choose the Best Mobile Home Steps?

Now that you know all about the different materials, you might already have an idea for your ideal mobile home step. Here are a few final steps to help you choose. These ensure you get the perfect mobile home step set for yourself.

  • Dimensions

The dimensions for your steps are one of the most important factors you must decide upon. Several factors influence this choice. It depends on the space in front of the house. If it is less, you have to go for smaller steps. This is also the case if you want to have parking, but you are low on space.

It can also depend on your budget and, subsequently, the material of your step. Different materials have different price points depending on the weight and dimensions of your steps. You can compare various materials as well as dealers to see which of them best suits your needs.

Another important factor is the members of the house. If you have elderly or children at home, it is better to opt for wide steps. Narrow and steeper steps can be difficult for them to navigate.

  • Riser Height

The riser height can be described as the vertical distance between each step. You have to consult with your local code to see permissible riser heights. In general, the standard height is 7 ¾”.

Within the permissible heights, you can choose according to your preference. Steep steps with a lot of riser height can be difficult for people with joint pains and such. You must choose your materials wisely too. For example, steep steps of plastic are particularly more dangerous compared to ones in cement.

  • Slip Resistant

Many accidents occur on steps. They can even lead to fatal falls. Therefore, it is important to make your steps appropriate for a stable footing. Some materials are more slip-resistant than others. For example, concrete is very slip-resistant.

On the other hand, plastic can become extremely slippery if it is wet. Many fiberglass steps are also made to be extra slip-resistant.

Besides the fact that you must consider the household members while deciding on this factor, you must also think about the weather conditions.

For example, you live somewhere where it rains or snows a lot. In that case, you must buy steps made of materials that are very slip-resistant.

  • Meet Your Local Building Codes

Mobile homes are entirely built-in factories. You can either buy them whole or in parts and assemble. Mobile home steps are such a part. Your local building codes give you certain permissible standards for your mobile home in your area.

For example, the riser height allowed for the step. They have been made with careful consideration of several factors. Failure to meet with such codes can land you in serious trouble with the authorities. Here are some common codes recommended for your stairs.

  • The width should at least be 3″ above the handrail and below the headroom’s minimum requirement
  • As mentioned, the riser height is instructed not to be more than 7 ¾”. It also cannot vary for more than 3/8” on both extremes.
  • The height of your handrails should be between 34 and 38 inches. This measurement is to be calculated vertically, from the steps to the bullnose.
  • Every set with 4 or more steps must have a handrail on each side. They should also not protrude into the path for more than 4 ½”.

These are only some general codes. For more specifics, you should refer to your local building codes. Therefore, it is advised to go through all guidelines and building codes before you start planning for your mobile home steps.

There are several guidelines you must follow. They will ensure your safety and see that you get the best for your mobile home.

  • Warranty

One of the most crucial things about your mobile home steps is their warranty. Since you will be investing, you want it to last long. It is important that you ask the manufacturer about the warranty period.

Steps are one among the most used in any home. They go through a lot of wear and tear, so a warranty period is really helpful. For example, all the mobile home steps in the above list have a ten years warranty period.

Most steps require proper maintenance. This is especially true for more susceptible materials like wood. Therefore, knowing its warranty period is always greatly beneficial.


The steps to your home are one of the most crucial parts of it. Like we saw, several options and factors that influence your choice. You can either get a set of premade steps or even make them yourself!

Solid research, time, and effort will help you make the right choice when it comes to getting mobile home steps. Making these steps are not overwhelming. These are quite easy with the help of the right materials.

Whether you are looking for an upgrade or to install a brand new one, this guide has every detail that you need to know.