Small Mobile Homes: Costs, Floor Plans & Design Ideas

Owning a house is a dream for many. Some people succeed in buying one, but for a lot of us, it remains a dream. This is especially the case if you’re living in a large city where the real estate prices just seem to go up. Wouldn’t be great if you could get a place that you could call your own? With no landlords, just you and people that matter to you.

Well, the good news is, you can get yourself that feeling of owning a house without paying an arm and a leg. You just have to think outside of the box. Namely, why not consider small mobile homes? You might not even have thought about them, but these nifty homes can be just what you were looking for, even in a big city.

Small Mobile Homes

Small mobile homes

Small mobile homes park model: Via

While the name itself is pretty self-explanatory, not everyone is sure what a small mobile home actually is. Some people even confuse them with trailers, and those are probably not the same thing.

Small mobile homes are prefabricated structures, built in a factory. They have a permanently attached chassis, and people use them as permanent homes.

Size of a small mobile home is about 500 square feet with one bedroom, one living room, and one bathroom.

Trailers, on the other hand, are even smaller, but the most crucial difference is that they are temporary or vacation homes. And as the name says, trailers trail behind a car so that you can move them more often. Mobile homes can be moved, but once they’re put in place, they tend to stay there for a while.



Compared to regular houses, small mobile homes are much less expensive. When buying a home like this, you’re looking at a price of $50 per square foot. This is the average price, which is a lot less compared to $94 for a conventional house. For those struggling with finances, buying a small mobile home is a good investment.

How do they achieve this price? Well, since these homes come from a factory off an assembly line, the whole process is more efficient. And with more efficiency come lower costs. Next, because manufacturers built a lot of them at once, they have to buy large quantities of materials, which makes them cheaper.

There are several reasons why you would want to choose a small mobile home over a conventional home. For starters, it’s cheaper. Next, you will pay lower property taxes, and finally, you can obtain a mortgage more easily for a small mobile home. In addition to all this, you can relocate the house to another place if you want a change of scenery.


Floor Plans

Small homes floor plan with one bed and one bath 379-SqFt

Small homes floor plan with one bedrom and one bathroom 379-SqFt. Via

Small mobile homes floor plans 466 SqFt

Small mobile homes floor plans 466 SqFt. Via

Small mobile homes floor-plans with two Beds and one bath 467-SqFt

Small mobile homes floor plans with two beds and one bath, 467-SqFt. Via

Small mobile homes floor-plans 530-SqFt

Small mobile homes floor-plans 530-SqFt. Via

Small mobile homes floor plans with 2 bedroom-533-SqFt

Small  homes floor plans with 2 bedroom, 533 SqFt. Via


Design Ideas


Small homes that look like houses

Small homes that look like houses. Via


Beautiful small homes

Beautiful small homes. Via


Modern small mobile homes

Modern small mobile homes. Via


Small homes that look like log cabins

Small homes that look like log cabins. Via


Small eco friendly mobile homes

Small eco friendly mobile homes. Via


Small mobile log homes

Small mobile log homes. Via


Small homes with porches

Small homes with porches. Via


Small homes with one bedroom

Small homes with one bedroom. Via


Small homes that look like cabins

Small homes that look like cabins. Via

If you’re looking to buy a house, but can’t afford one, small mobile homes are a good choice. They are also good alternatives to apartments, as you still get that feeling of owning a house, just in a much more compact edition. So why not downsize? Try thinking outside the box, and you just might fall in love with your new small mobile home.