5 Best Mobile Home Screen Doors (Buying Guide)

Mobile home screen doors or storm doors are practical solutions with cost-effective benefits. They protect your main doors from the weather elements and untimely outdoor hazards. Additionally, an added barrier between indoors and outdoors makes your house more energy-efficient.

No matter the size of your exterior door, there is a screen door perfect for its protection. Read on for a quick review of the 5 best mobile home screen doors in various proportions.

The 5 Best Mobile Home Screen Doors

1. 34” x 76” Out-Swing Self Storing Storm Door

The Kinro 34″ x 76″ storm door features heavy gauge all-aluminum construction for assured protection. With an inch-thick aluminum door frame comes reinforcement in the form of 14-gauge corner gussets. The jamb mounts, done either on the left or right side, allow for simple, secure installation.

The drip cap frame comes with pre-punched holes for water damage prevention and easy installation. You will find the free-loaded slide latches allow the bottom glass to get raised.

A sturdy aluminum hinge and pre-drilled latch handle holes add to further installation convenience. The aluminum kick plate, and a 1/8” tempered safety glass, guarantee a quality screen door construction.

2. 34” x 76” White Out-Swing Full View Storm Door

There is nothing better than having the facility of a full-view storm door before opening it up for strangers. The 34” x 76” Out-swing full view storm door furnishes sturdy protection with an all-aluminum heavy gauge construction.

You will find the storm door’s installation effortless with pre-drilled holes, pre-punched, and pre-hung frame. The measurements fit a T, with an inch-thick hollow aluminum door frame backed by the reinforcement of 14-gauge corner gussets.

The kick plate is aluminum-forged, offering long-lasting use with reduced wear and tear. Further, the drip cap installation prevents unsightly water damage to the storm door. The cost-effective jamb mounts also facilitate installation convenience with secure in-place protection.

3. 32” x 74” Out-Swing Self Storing Storm Door

Kinro furnishes storm doors in various sizes, and the 32″ x 74″ is a small but sturdy storm door. The screen door comes in all-aluminum heavy gauge construction for lasting efficiency against weather elements.

Along with the ease of installation, the storm door furnishes reinforcements in the one-inch thick aluminum door frame. The out-swing screen door consists of a 1/8” thick tempered safety glass that can vertically slide as needed.

The built-in drip cap offers water damage prevention with pre-drilled holes for hassle-free installation. Also, sturdy the aluminum hinges on the storm door allow for either left or right-side installations.

4. 32” x 72” Out-Swing Self Storing Storm Door

Kinro keeps things simple with an easy to install 32” x 72” sized out-swinging storm door. The conveniently placed jamb mounts allow the storm door to effortlessly fit into the wood jamb.

The storm door gets built with an all-aluminum heavy gauge construction housing a 1/8” thick tempered safety glass. While the hardware and accessories for installation are not included in the package, ease of installation gets assured.

The storm door has a pre-squared and pre-punched frame with pre-drilled holes for latch and screw fittings. To end it all, you have the inch-thick hollow aluminum door frame backed by the reinforcements of 14-gauge corner gussets.

5. 38” x 76” Out-Swing Self Storing Storm Door

Are you worried about getting a storm door for the large dimensions of your exterior door? Kinro offers the 38” x 76” large, out-swinging storm door to quell your worries.

Stay protected with the all-aluminum heavy gauge construction of the door with an inch-thick reinforced aluminum door frame. Installing the storm door could not get any easy with the pre-drilled and pre-punched hardware installation facilities.

A built-in drip cap assures the prevention of water damage while the aluminum build ensures long-lasting shelf life. With a 1/8” tempered safety glass, the storm door holds its own against the battering of climatic elements.

How to Measure A Storm Door for A Mobile Home?

Measuring a storm door for a mobile home is an easy DIY exercise but requires careful measurement. Merely keep in mind these instructions, and you will be good to go!

Storm doors are sized by the wood frame casing or jamb, which fits into the frame. You have to bear in mind to take the exact width and length measurements. This accuracy allows the storm door to settle on the jamb.

  • Begin by keeping the door closed and positioning yourself inside the house.
  • Gently remove the door casing and measure from the outside of the wood jamb for the width.
  • For the length, also measure from outside of the wood jamb, in length.
  • The typical size of the storm door is larger than the rough opening measurements. This opening measurement gets listed with each product page under the description.
  • To ensure you have the required side ready for installation, simply view your exterior door from the outside.

At the end of this exercise, you will have the required information to purchase the right sized storm door.

How to Install A Screen Door on A Mobile Home?

Installing a screen door on a mobile home is easy and hassle-free. You do not have to cut out any components or buy extra parts. All you need are some hardware like:

  • Power drill
  • Quarter-inch hex head bit
  • Philips head bit
  • Putty knife
  • 1/3” putty tape
  • 1 ½ “hex head screws

The entire installation will take roughly an hour to accomplish. Follow these instructions when installing your storm door.

  • All the mounting surfaces should get cleaned with a dry cloth, ensuring no dust build-up. Fasten them securely since you would not want the frame to come off during installation.
  • Ensure the surfaces are flat and not raised at any angle on the perimeter of the rough opening.
  • The storm door, when shipped, comes equipped with fastenings and shipping clips. Ensure not to remove them at any point during the storm door installation. Also, remember to keep the main door closed at all times.
  • Next, apply putty tape on the back-side of the storm door’s mounting flange.
  • After applying the tape, insert the entire door assembly onto the wood jamb.
  • Secure the screws on each side of the door, fastening the storm door to the jamb.
  • On the hinged side, you will find three pre-punched holes. Drive the screws securely into the supplied holes.
  • Repeat the process for the pre-punched holes on the lock side of the storm door.
  • Install the remaining screws in the pre-punched holes furnished all along the sides and head of the frame.
  • Remove the shipping clips and open the door. Then test for functionality of your DIY installation.
  • If there is any more hardware you want to install on your storm door, you can do that now, like the lock-chain.

With a newly installed storm door, lock all your worries outside!


The various sizes in storm doors reduces the general anxiety of not finding a compatible match for a mobile home. For some homeowners, a full-view storm door serves multiple purposes whereas a sliding glass panel is all they need.