5 Best Mobile Home Bathtubs (Buying Guide)

We all know that a luxurious long, hot bath is something that almost everyone finds enchanting. However, when the topic of selecting bathtubs for our mobile home comes in, a sudden confusion entraps us. What should be the size of the manufactured home bathtub? From where to choose the best option? Which style will suit our washroom? All these questions hit our minds.

If you have reached till here, it means you may be planning to get a bathtub for your mobile home but are perplexed with all these queries in your mind. Do not fret out. We have gathered all the information you should know before owning a bathtub for your mobile home.

5 Best 54 Inch Mobile Home Bathtubs

We are providing you with the top 5 mobile home bathtubs that we have shortlisted for you after proper research and comparison. Read on to find the one best suited for your mobile home.

1. ABS Standard Gauge Bathtub

Be sure to check out this product for an affordable and excellent bathtub for your mobile home.

The construction of this bathtub is unique. It is made up of white ABS. This bathtub is very lightweight and has a nice soft finishing. The dimensions of this product are 54″ Width x 27″ Depth x 18″ Height.

It also offers the drainage hole located at three different places that you can select as per your convenience. Also, the texture of this material is slip-resistant, thus saving you from slipping in the bathtub.

Key Features

  • ABS Construction.
  • String integral tiling flanger.
  • Slip-resistant material used.
  • Easy installation.

2. ABS Standard Gauge Garden Bathtub

If you are looking for a bathtub that comes at economical prices with excellent features, then this might be the product for you.

This standard Gauge Garden Bathtub made up of ABS plastic offers you a space on the outer side of the bathtub. You can use this area as a step or seat. You can also use it to keep your toiletries. This design gives it a lavish look. The dimensions of this product are 54″ Width x 42″ Depth x 21″ Height that is pretty good for a medium-sized bathtub.

Key Features

  • Slip-resistant texture.
  • Back center drain.
  • Outside step/seat.
  • Foam base under the bathing area.

3. American Fiberglass Bathtub

If you are looking for an adorable little bathtub to fit your mobile home’s washroom without occupying much space, then definitely check this out.

This bathtub is made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester. This material is firmer than other fibers used for manufacturing bathtubs. It has four wooden legs at each corner that helps it to stand firm. The dimensions of this product are 54″ Width x 27″ Depth x 16″ Height, and it weighs approx. 60 lbs. Therefore, it is light weighted and easy to install.

Key Features

  • Gel coat finishing.
  • Slip-resistant texture.
  • Different drainage hole locations.

4. American Fiberglass Sectional Tub

If you are looking for a bathtub that comes with surround as well to give an aesthetic look to your washroom, then this is the right choice for you.

This incredible bathtub made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester comes with a 2-piece molded sectional tub/shower for easy installation. It also contains a soap shelf in each corner. This enables you to place your personal care products near you while bathing.

The dimensions of this bathtub are 54″ Width x 27″ Depth x 73″ Height. Thus, it falls under large-sized bathtubs.

Key Features

  • Easy installation.
  • Smooth walls.
  • Slip-resistant texture.
  • Gel coat finishing.

5. Heavy Gauge ABS Corner Tub

This can be the perfect bathtub for your mobile home that will give an elegant look to your mobile home’s washroom.

This is a stunning bathtub that comes with a removable access panel. This panel is on the right as well as the left side of the bathtub. This is best suited for those who desire to utilize a corner of their washroom for installing a bathtub. The dimensions of this product are 54″ Width x 54″ Length x 16″ Height. It also comes with extra space in front that you can employ as a seat or step.

Key Features

  • Heavy gauge ABS Construction.
  • Slip-resistant material used.
  • Removable access panel.
  • Easy installation.

Buying Guide

Whenever you are planning to purchase anything, referring to a buying guide is always a good idea. Therefore, we are providing you with a comprehensive guide. This will take you through the journey of selecting the best tub for your mobile home smoothly.

What size is a mobile home bathtub?

The first question that strikes our mind before buying a bathtub is always about its size. A mobile home is smaller than your typical house. Therefore, it demands smaller fittings and fixtures. So what is the perfect size for a mobile home bathtub?

The standard size of a bathtub for your mobile home is usually 54″ x 27 inches. Since the size of a bathtub for a mobile home is different from the standard built bathtubs for regular homes, it becomes necessary to consider the dimensions of the tub before ordering it.

Types of Bathtub for Mobile Home

A variety of style options for manufactured home bathtubs are there in the market. This makes it hard to select the best among them all. To reduce the risk of choosing the wrong bathtub for your mobile home, you need to have a sound understanding of various bathtubs available out there. So let’s get you informed about different types of the bathtub.

  • Alcove Tubs

It is a type of bathtub, where three walls of your sauna will surround this tub. The one open side is covered by a shower curtain or a sliding door.

It comes in a smaller size for a manufactured home. You can contact your local bathtubs contractor to increase the size if you feel that the standard alcove tub size is fit for your manufactured home bathtub. Also, you can think and plan the exact design you want. Then you can get it remodeled as per your needs.

You can select this tub if you want to add a lavish look to your washroom, along with maintaining the privacy part.

  • Corner Tubs

This tub is best suited for a manufactured home. It perfectly optimizes the floor space and stays in a corner without disturbing any other functionalities of your washroom.

It not only fills the underutilized space of your bathroom but also adds a hint of beauty and elegance to it. You can also get a shower attached to this tub, and it will perfectly fit with your corner tub. Above every other factor, this tub is affordable as well.

If you wish to utilize each corner of your washroom, selecting this option is the right choice.

  • Garden Tubs

This is a kind of bathtub that is massive enough to submerge your entire body inside it. It comes in different shapes but will always resemble an oval or round tub.

The garden tub is much bigger and has more depth than any other bathtub. You will be able to fit this in your washroom, only if you have a large sauna. Though its size and price seem like a drawback to some people, you cannot have a more luxurious and relaxing option in bathtubs than this.

If you are a bath lover, and your budget allows you to spend some extra penny, you can undoubtedly go for a garden bathtub.

However, also remember to consider the size of your bathroom before purchasing this tub. You don’t want your sauna to end up looking cluttered and cramped.

  • Oval Tubs

This tub is a modern design that does not require any wall tiles or corner space of your washroom. This style totally takes you away from a traditional bathroom look.

It comes in different patterns and sizes. You can choose one as per the interiors of your manufactured home’s shower room. You can add oval mirrors, stools, and other furnishing accessories with this oval tub to make your sauna look extraordinarily remarkable.

This is an easy to install tub and can fit anywhere in your bathroom. You should go for this one if you have a desire to give a modish look to your shower room.

  • Whirlpool Tubs

A Whirlpool tub is a bathtub that comforts and relaxes you. It is different from all other tubs as it comes equipped with at least 4 to 8 water jets. These jets are placed all over the tub in such a position that it hits your muscles for soothing them.

This comes under premium bathtubs. It is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can consider one as per your preferences.

Though this tub can be immensely satisfying, it is quite expensive and also comes with the high cost of maintenance. One crucial aspect to keep in mind before purchasing this bathtub is the capacity of your heater. It can totally drain the power of your heater.

If you want a spa-like bathtub at your own mobile home, this whirlpool bath will satisfy your desire for sure.

  • Clawfoot Tubs

This is a kind of tub that goes well with all types of interiors. Whether your bathroom has a vintage look or a modern look, this tub will perfectly fit in your washroom.

It is a free-standing style tub and can be placed anywhere in your sauna. Be it in the corner, attached to the wall, or in the center of the bathroom, this will make your shower room look incredible.

Plumbing becomes a significant factor to be kept in mind while you are planning to go for this one. As this is a free-standing tub, sometimes the plumbing gets exposed easily. It can destroy the elegant look. Though this can be a turn-off, you can obviously take the help of decorative fittings and fixtures to give it a pleasant look.

If you are a bubble bather and loves soaking yourself deep in water, this can be the best choice for you.

How do I Choose the Best Mobile Home Baths?

We understand that choosing the perfect bathtub for your mobile home can be a tedious task to do. So we have compiled a few significant factors that you should consider while purchasing the ideal one for you.

  • Size

This is a vital factor to consider before buying a bathtub. The dimensions of the tub and the size of your bathroom should complement each other. Otherwise, it will turn out to be a big mess. Therefore, definitely research the sizes of the tubs in your wishlist.

  • Material

Normally, a manufactured home bathtub is made of plastic or fiberglass. You may ask yourself questions like the amount of time you are going to spend in the tub or how long you wish it to last. The answers to these questions will give you an idea about the material you will prefer.

  • Drain Location

Regardless of the shape and size of your bathtub, the right location of the drain is a noteworthy aspect. This helps you to decide the distance of vent lines and water pipes. It enables you to manage to plumb the tub efficiently.

  • Style

Everyone has different desires and preferences. Selecting a bathtub style as per your needs will definitely enable you to relish it more. Also, the style of your bathtub should go with the interiors of your washroom.

  • Warranty

Going through the terms related to the warranty is of utmost importance. It is an assurance from the seller about the quality and durability of the product. Therefore, a reasonable warranty period can save you a lot of maintenance costs.


As soon as we reach home after a long tiring day, all we want to do is to plunge directly into our bathtub full of warm water. The scented candles beside it and the book on the shelf to read can elevate our mood in no time.

However, it is essential to select an ideal bathtub for your mobile home. As this can make or break your mood. Do consider all the factors mentioned above to select the best tub. We hope this guide proved to be a help to you in selecting the perfect tub for you.