The Best Restaurant High Chairs

If you looking for a restaurant high chair, you came to the right place. We found some of the best and most popular ones for you. There are commercial models as well as portable ones to bring with you. We even included some covers to cover the chairs for sanitary reasons. There are many different options below to fit your individual needs.

Look below to find several popular styles and finishes.

Wooden Restaurant High Chair

We found this selection of wooden restaurant high chairs at the best prices online. Whether you need some for a restaurant or just want one for personal use, here are some great choices for your consideration. The last selection is a set of ten if you need many for your restaurant. These are the most popular and highly rated ones you will find..

Just make your selection and click for current pricing and availability. Some have limited quantities.

Portable Restaurant High Chairs


We found these popular restaurant portable high chairs for you. There are many different style depending on your needs. Some can be hooked on to table, others are more booster seats and one is a complete folding model.

What Was Important To Us In Finding the Best Portable High Chair?

We wanted to get the best high chair on the market and we soon found out there are a lot of options out there. So, we decided what was really important to us and we put everything into a spreadsheet to compare what we had found. Following is a list of items that we thought were important for the high chair that we purchased:

Features-We wanted to get the most for the least amount of money (don’t we all?!) Some features that we really wanted were an adjustable seat, wheels, straps and harness safety system, an adjustable tray, crotch post, and compatibility,

Pros and Cons-The best way to analyze something before you purchase it is to see what others have to say. With this in mind, we paid special attention to what moms and dads had to say about the product.

Expandability-We quickly found out that a lot of the high chairs on the market are expandable-they grow with the child. While this might mean a higher price tag in the beginning, in the long run it seems that you’ll spend less money because you won’t have to buy so many different seating systems.

Price-Price is always a consideration, no matter what you are purchasing.

Restaurant High Chair Cover


For those of you who like to bring your own restaurant high chair cover for sanitary reasons, we found these six selections. As you can see from the descriptions and some photos, most of these can also be used with shopping carts. With so many people with colds and the flu, you can’t be too careful to protect your child and these are an excellent way to help prevent some of these germs from getting to your precious one. Click on any of the links you want to consider and get all of the details.

Best high chair for restaurant

Graco Blossom 4 in 1 Highchair


The selling point of this high chair is it’s four in 1 system so it will grow with your child and should be the only highchair you need to buy. It transforms from a functional highchair to an infant feeding booster, and finally a youth chair. It can also accommodate 2 children at the same time so great if your family grows quickly. It also features six height positions, three recline positions, three footrest positions, and infant head and body support so again great features to grow with your child. There are also two front wheels and locking rear casters for portability. Great if you plan to move your highchair between different rooms (such as the kitchen and the dining room).

Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair


I love some of the features on this high chair – it’s really well thought out and practical. Great features include:

  1. Easy to clean design
  2. There are no cracks or crevices so food can’t hide anywhere. This is a big plus for me as somebody who has spent hours cleaning high chairs.
  3. It has a tray cover that fits easily in the dishwasher.
  4. If you choose this design you can also get the highchair in white but I would avoid this and get it in the red featured or other color as white trays can get stained more easily.
  5. Wheels make it easy to move
  6. It glides on the floor so is easy to move between rooms
  7. Adjustablility
  8. The highchair has a pneumatic lift so it can be adjusted to any height to suit the table.

Graco Simple Switch Highchair


I love the concept of this high chair and it’s a great choice of a high chair when you’re short on space. You can use it as a high chair with legs and it can easily convert to a booster seat by removing the legs. This is a great option if you are short on space.

Personally, I would use it everyday as a booster seat on a normal chair so you don’t have a big high chair taking up space. And when you have visitors around it can be used with the high chair legs and frees up a dining chair for guests. It is comforable for baby with 3 reclining positions and a padded seat. The seat pad can be removed and machine washed too.

What To Look For In A High Chair

Comfort Learning about eating can be stressful at times, the least you can do is make it a comfortable experience

Longevity Remember that your baby is likely to use the highchair from around six months up to around two years. Some designs convert to table and chair and can be used beyond this for playing and eating snacks

Footprint If space is at a premium, think about the overall size as well as the facility to fold it down and put it away when not needed

Storage Do you want a highchair that lies flat for storage, so you can put it away at the end of each meal? Or perhaps you would prefer a space saver high chair that doesn’t take up much room and can be left out at all times.

Tray Size Ideally the stray should be a good size with high edges to prevent food from falling on to the floor? How easy will it be to keep clean? Awkward crevices and corners will soon become sticky and unhygienic. A removable tray makes cleaning much easier

Replaceable Seat Cushion Many highchairs are PVC covered which is soft and warm to sit on, but also prone to wear and tear and doesn’t take kindly to disinfectant. Some highchair manufacturers offer replacement seat cushioning.

Best Budget High Chair

Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster


If you’re looking for a budget option that saves space the Fisher Price booster seat with tray is a good option. The plastic seat is easy to clean without any creases where food can hide, which to me is a real plus. There’s a tray cover that can easily be put into the dishwasher or you can simply wipe it down between meals.

It fits easily to any chair and has three height adjustments to fit different size tables. You can use it with the tray or with just the booster seat and have it at the table. On the minus side there’s no seat pad for comfort but I have used similar ones and I don’t think my own baby is that bothered by this.

If you would prefer a padded seat you could also check out the fisher price space saver chair below. Also it is on the smaller side so may not be the best purchase for a toddler. It’s certainly a great portable chair. Lots of people have reviewed it’s use as a main chair but it is definitely a good option for a spare seat to have at grandma’s house or take to friends houses and restaurants.

Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair

This is another great space saver chair. It has a seat pad for comfort. This can be removed as baby gets older and is machine washable. I’m not a massive fan of seat pads as they can be difficult to clean but this is a small minus if you’re looking for a space saver high chair with comfort. The seat has three height adjustments and can be strapped onto dining room and kitchen chairs. It also has a 3 position recline. The tray looks quite roomy. It comes in different designs and colors too and has good reviews.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Sky Blue High Chair


If you’re looking for a mid range priced high chair that looks great with useful features, this could be the one for you.

It’s features include:

  1. 7 seat height adjustments (good for growing babies and toddlers)
  2. 3 position recline (reclining positions are great for younger babies)
  3. 1 hand removable tray
  4. translucent blue dishwasher safe insert tray
  5. wipeable/washable pad
  6. 4 lockable casters
  7. folding legs for storage.

It has a highchair toy which doesn’t come with other highchairs. Great for entertaining babies while you’re preparing their meal

Oxo Sprout High Chair


The longevity of this high chair is a plus point. It can be used from 6 months up to 5 years. The seat and footrest adjust in height and depth. For children over 3, the chair can be converted to a youth chair. A depth-adjustable tray accommodates baby’s growth and can be removed so the chair can be pulled up to the table. Another plus is it’s easy to clean. The chair and cushion are easily wipeable for a quick cleanup.

Fisher Price EZ Clean Highchair

This highchair has been designed with being easy to clean in mind so it’s a popular choice with me! The EZ to clean features include:

  1. stain-resistant, machine washable fabrics
  2. seamless seat pad is free of crevices and nooks – so it’s less likely to trap crumbs
  3. five-point restraint harness is easy to wipe down
  4. the harness is adjustable for the baby at the rear, so reduces crevices where crumbs can hide
  5. the tray is removable with just one hand and is dishwasher safe
  6. I love all the features it has to make it easier to clean.
  7. Additionally, it folds flat for storage, there is height adjustment, a recline function, there’s wheels on the front of the base so it’s easier to transport from room to room.
  8. It has a weight limit of 50 pounds.

White Baby Bjorn High Chair


This highchair has been designed after research that found that many high chairs didn’t support young babies very well. Research also discovered that babies don’t like being strapped in high chairs. Other key findings are that parents didn’t like cleaning high chairs which trapped lots of food crumbs and they had to lift babies up high to get them in and out of highchairs.

This highchair addresses the above concerns. There are no straps. Babies are locked in by the table. They should not be able to stand up or fall out. No straps means less cleaning too! The high chair has curved back support and an adjustable table so that young babies are properly supported when eating. It’s easy to clean with no crevices or straps to hide food crumbs.

Parents don’t have to lift babies high to get them in and out of highchairs. This is particularly good as they get older and heavier. (better for the back!). This highchair looks like an excellent option especially for younger and smaller babies.

The only concern is despite being marketed as suitable up to 3 years, reviews suggest it may be too small to accommodate older toddlers very well. Although, by this point you may be able to consider getting a high chair booster seat to strap onto a dining seat or another option.

Stoke Tripp Trapp High Chair


The main features of this chair are firstly it’s longevity. It’s designed for babies from aged 6 months but can be adapted to use throughout childhood and finally adults can use this chair too. It holds up to 300 pounds. So it’s an investment. Secondly, it’s designed to use at the dining table. So baby can sit and eat with the family right from the beginning. The chair is made of cultivated beechwood so is strong, solid and durable. It also comes with a five-point safety harness

More Top High Chairs

I have highlighted a range of different high chairs to suit different needs and budgets. However, there are lots more excellent high chairs out there.

Here are a few more top highchairs to consider.

Keekaroo Height Right High Chair with Tray


Another great height adjustable chair. Can be used from 6 months and holds up to 250 pounds.

Graco Contempo Highchair


Another well reviewed mid range high chair. It comes assembled so no messing about when you receive it. It features include:

  1. compact and stands upright to fit in your pantry or next to the fridge.
  2. serves as a full service highchair with one hand seat recline
  3. cushioned wipe clean seat pad
  4. pull out tray insert
  5. six seat heights

Inglesina Fast Table Chair


This chair attaches to a table. It’s great when you’re short on space. It can be used at home or when you’re out and about. It fits to most tables leaving them scratch free (up to 3.5 inches thick) Removable cover and hand washable.

Graco Blossom Booster Seat


An option of a booster chair but this is designed to sit a child up at the table so there is no tray. Great for toddlers and comes in different colors too.

Save Money on Buying Highchairs If you look for local pick ups you can often buy a big name brandhighchair secondhand without having to spend lots on delivery too.