Drop Leaf Pub Table

A drop leaf pub tables are perfect for small kitchens, game rooms, or anywhere you want a spot to eat or drink, pub tables with drop leaves provide flexibility in a compact footprint. The abililty to fold down one or both sides of the table make it possible to use a pub table in places where other dining tables won’t fit. You’ll find drop leaf bistro tables in sets with stools or chairs, and options for both counter and bar height. Add a tidy snack spot to your home with a drop leaf pub table – you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Drop Leaf Bar Table


In some cases, a drop leaf bar table by itself will fit your space perfectly. Because most pub tables are at least as high as your kitchen counter, it’s easy to use the surface while standing. If you already have a set of bar stools, then a drop leaf bistro table is a great choice. You can fold down the side (or sides) when the table is not in use, making it easy to store. But when you need that extra space, pull out the pub table, open the sides, and you’re ready to entertain.

Drop Leaf Pub Table Sets


For an all-in-one solution, consider drop leaf pub table sets with your choice of stools or chairs. If the pub table will be used more often in a game room or for quick meals, simple stools may be a good choice. But if you plan to use your drop leaf bistro table for regular meals, chairs with backs will provide more comfortable seating. Be sure the stools or chairs have foot rails, as this simple addition can make a big difference to those with shorter legs. Also, a padded seat is always appreciated. The right drop leaf pub table with chairs (or stools) can add flexibility and convenience to your dining options at home.

Bar Stools or Counter Stools How to Choose?


The choice between counter height and bar height seating should be based on personal preference and style. A standard kitchen counter top is 36 inches (~81 cm) from the floor. An eating bar, however is 42 inches (~95 cm) high. If you choose a counter height drop leaf pub table and place it near your kitchen counters, you’ll visually expand the size of your kitchen. Chairs with padded seats and backs make sitting at counter height comfortable for an extended period. On the other hand, a bar height drop leaf pub table is more convenient to use when standing. Bar stools are higher, which may make these seats less comfortable for children or people with shorter legs. However, a bar height pub table is perfect for the game room or to create a visual separation between your kitchen and the rest of your living space.

Round Drop Leaf Pub Table

When some people think of pubs, they see round tops. The beauty of a round drop leaf pub table is having the pub look without taking up too much space. Because at least one side folds down, you can have a round table when you need it and a compact side table at other times. Round pub tables are also perfect for holiday decorating when covered by a colorful tablecloth, holding a lovely candle centerpiece. For a convenient dining solution that you’ll use all year, you’ll be pleased with a round drop leaf bistro table.

Black Drop Leaf Pub Table


This stylish black counter height pub table provides a convenient dining spot with extra storage as well. The two saddle stools are designed for more comfort than regular round stools and can be stored under the table when not in use. The front of the table is a drop leaf that can be folded down when needed, reducing the footprint of the pub table set. Plus the storage cabinet under the table is perfect for linens, wine glasses, or even dinnerware. A compact set of table, stools and storage, this black drop leaf pub table is the perfect dining solution for an apartment, condo, small kitchen, or any place where space is at a premium.

Double Drop Leaf Pub Table


You’ll love the convenience and utility of a double drop leaf pub table. With both leaves folded out, you have full use of the entire tabletop for dining or entertainment. Yet the pub table itself takes up very little space when the leaves are folded down. You can push it against the wall, use it as a sofa table or even in your entryway. With one leaf extended, it makes the perfect breakfast table, too. Whether you choose a set with chairs or just the table, a double drop leaf pub table will provide amazing flexibility to your home decor.