10 Best Mobile Home Skirting Panels (Buying Guide)

Do you own a mobile home? Do you find it difficult to maintain your mobile home? Do you want to protect your interiors from insects and animals? The mobile home skirting is what you need.

It is important to cover the space between the ground and the floor of your home. The skirting can provide a protective cover around the interior space below the base from animals, pests, and rodents.

If you are looking for the best skirting for your mobile home, then you are in the right place. Let’s walk through the guide to know more.

The 10 Best Mobile Home Skirts

You might find many mobile home skirting panels in the market, but to choose the best one is a difficult task. Here, we have compiled a list of the ten best mobile home skirting panels to help you get the best one.

1. Vinyl Skirting Underpinning Vented Panel

With an attractive look, Vinyl Skirting Underpinning Vented Panel can provide you with well-grounded protection. You will get the ventilation per feet of length of about 4.9 square inches.

The material vinyl provides you with great color retention and ruggedness. You do not have to worry about the weather conditions with this skirting. Vinyl Skirting Panel is Weatherproof. It does not require painting often. Also, you can easily install the panel using basic tools.

It is backed with 25 years of manufacturer’s limited warranty. The virtual maintenance and non-denting are free of cost. Moreover, you can choose from five different colors according to your preference.

2. Vinyl Skirting Solid Panel

Vinyl Solid Panel offers an exceptional wind-resistance system and superior quality ventilation. With 16 inches width and 11’8 inches long, you are provided with no-0vented panels for your mobile home.

You will get virtually maintenance-free of cost. The panel can face extreme weather and are dent-resistant with great color retention. With the installation kit, you can easily install the panel without any difficulty. The panel comes with engineered trim system components for your ease during the installation.

You can choose from the five available colors to match your needs. Moreover, you have twenty-five years of manufacturers’ limited warranty.

3. Granite Reil Rock Skirting Panel

This simulated rock panel with 36” X 60” dimensions is the best choice for your mobile home. The panel is made from ABS material, using the single molding of the material. ABS material provides toughness and resistance to the panel.

The best feature is that you will not find a scratch on the panel even after years of usage. It will not rattle or dent in any condition. It is safe to use in any type of weather conditions. The panel exhibits good resistance to rigidity with exceptional dimensional stability.

With this product, you will get five years of manufacturer’s limited warranty.

4. Brown Reil Rock Skirting Panel

Give your mobile home the best protective gear and attractive look with Brown Reil Rock Skirting Panels. The panel is 32 inches high and 60 inches, where around 57 inches will get installed on your mobile home.

The panel is built out of a single molding of a resistant ABS material. The ABS material is cost-effective and provides rigidity and strength to the resulting product. Therefore, the panel is scratch, dent, and rattle resistant.

The skirting panel can withstand any harsh weather. You do not need to maintain the panel very often. Moreover, the panel offers a manufacturer’s limited warranty of five years.

5. Sandstone Reil Rock Skirting Panel

With Sandstone Reil Rock Skirting Panel, you can give your extra-wide mobile home an elegant look. The panel goes well along with the natural colors of the environment.

In exceptional harsh, and cold climates, the panels can maintain the heat efficiency inside the mobile home. With this panel, you do not have to worry about the animals destroying your mobile home.

The skirting panel is scratch resistant because of the ABS material. The panel is 32 inches high and 60 inches long, which is perfect for any wide mobile home. Moreover, it is backed with five years of manufacturer’s limited warranty and manufactured in the USA.

6. Novik Brown Brick Skirting Panel

With Novik Brown Brick Skirting Panel, you will get an exact real brick-like appearance. For improved quality and durability, the panel is made through injection molded copolymer. Also, the UV stabilizer will prevent any discoloration on the panel.

The maintenance cost is free for this panel. The panel can handle any extreme temperature changes and resists warping. You can even use the products from other productions to match the colors.

The panel is equipped with an anti-UV stabilizer, additives, and blended color pigments to prevent streaking. You will save extra money due to easy self-installation methods.

7. Novik Old Red Brick Skirting Panel

The Novik Old Red Brick Skirting Panel comes with 48 inches in length and 18 and a half inches in height. The panel is perfect for any double or triple-wide mobile homes. You will get the look like natural hand-laid bricks.

The panel can stand in any weather condition and face extreme winds up to 150 mph. The panel is resistant to discoloration and streaking due to the anti-UV stabilizer and additives.

With the injected molded copolymer, you will get the most superior and durable quality. Plus, you will get the exceptional coating of blended colors. You can also get matching corners for your mobile home.

8. Novik Canyon Blend Stone Skirting Panel

With Novik Canyon Blend Stone Skirting Panel, you will get the natural-looking panel at an affordable cost. The panel’s length is 48 inches, and height is 18 and a half inches, which is well-suited for any wide length mobile home.

The panel is constructed from injected molding in the copolymer. With injection molding, you can get the desired color and flexibility in the panel. Also, the panel is weatherproof, which means it can withstand extremely cold temperatures.

You can save the cost of labor due to easy installation methods. Moreover, the product is backed by the manufacturers’ limited warranty.

9. Novik Desert Blend Stone Skirting Panel

Novik’s real hand-cut stone is unique, timeless and adds a distinctive personalized touch to your mobile home. With such features, it goes well with the natural look of the environment. If you are a fan of such blended stone colors, then this panel is the best choice for you.

The specs of this panel are distinctive and provide ultimate protection from any kind of warping or extreme weather. Even in strong winds at a speed of 150 mph, it can protect your mobile home.

If you talk about the discoloration, it is equipped with anti-UV stabilized and blended color pigments. These additives protect the panel from discoloration and streaking.

10. Novik Mountain Blend Stone Skirting Panel

Novik’s real hand-cut stone provides elegant outlines while creating an elegant look. It captures the beauty that your mobile home will love. This Mountain Blend Panel is 48 inches in length and 18 ½ inches in height. It is the best and exceptional choice for your mobile home.

In terms of protection, the injection-molded copolymer can induce flexibility and durability in the panel. Because of that, your panel will always remain in exceptional quality.

Moreover, you can also use products from different stores and products to match your panel and mobile home.

With easy installation, you are also supported by the manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Buying Guide

To buy and install a mobile home skirting is very important for the protection and their long life. With that, you might come up with certain questions regarding the purchase. Here, In this buying guide, we will discuss those questions and try to answer them to solve your queries.

What Is Mobile Home Skirting?

Mobile Home Skirting is a type of material that protects your mobile home from beneath by acting as a protective shield to the outside world. Most of the mobile homes are 35-36 inches above the ground. This mobile home skirting tends to cover the open space to protect from outside animals, weather, and even pests.

Benefits Of Mobile Home Skirting

If you try to take care of your mobile home by yourself, it can be a challenging task and also an expensive one. With skirting, you can save years of money on just a one-time spend.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of mobile home skirting.

  • Protection

Protection is the most important reason for choosing a mobile home skirting. The skirting is easy to maintain and install. It provides long-term durability.

You don’t have to take care of your creepy crawlers or the animals taking shed under your mobile home. The skirting does not let the pipes freeze and maintain the heat inside during extreme conditions.

Moreover, it prevents the moisture from building up and hence stops the growth of the dangerous mold under your home.

  • Appearance

You can choose from varied options to adorn your home with elegant looking skirtings. From brick veneer to aluminum to faux stone, skirting improves the overall look of your mobile home. It adds value and curbs appeal to your mobile home. They are also available in different colors and styles to meet your requirements.

  • Savings

You can save your money on the electricity bills all around the year. Mobile home skirting prevents the loss of cool or heated air from home by providing extra insulation from the elements.

  • Storage

You can have small storage space beneath your house where the skirting acts as a weatherproof protective shield. You can easily store many items, including lawn tools, plush toys, and outdoor holiday decorations, underneath your mobile home. It also helps in lowering insurance costs. Protect the underpinnings and other pipes in your home.

  • Legal

At many places, skirting can only be done on prefabricated arrangements. Some government bodies would require you to hire a professional for installation. Others are fine with no professional hire.

Make sure that you cross-check with your area authorities that you are working as per the law.

  • Investment

It is not just you, but bankers also benefit from mobile home skirting. Most of the lenders need skirting for refinancing a mobile home loan, resale of a mobile home, and others. From investment to savings, the benefits of using a mobile home skirting are commendable.

Mobile Home Skirting Options

You are under a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to mobile home skirting. Each type has its maintenance, costs, disadvantages, and advantages. Therefore, take a look at the options below before you consider buying one of them.

  • Vinyl Skirting

Vinyl is among the most popular option for skirting. One of the reasons is because of its reasonable cost. It is also available in many colors. Moreover, it is easy to install. Vinyl skirting kits are best for any skirting material. These kits include all the hardware and components required for the installation.

There are, however, a few disadvantages of vinyl. It cannot withstand high winds and storms. Also, the weed around your house can damage the trimmings of the panel.

  • Simulated Rock Skirting

The second most popular mobile home skirting is the Simulated Rock Skirting. It is made up of resilient plastic. These panels are similar in appearances to stones, sandstone, or granite. The skirting is easy to install and affordable. You can directly attach the skirting to the mobile home.

  • Faux Brick and Stone Skirting

With the advancement in technologies, you have this new skirting showing features better than the others. The panels are rigid and withstand any storm and winds. Some of them can insulate better than the other. They are easy to install. With advancements comes the cost, you can expect to pay ten times higher price than vinyl.

  • Concrete Skirting

Concrete Skirting can face massive abuses over the year and the year ahead. They work for a long time, and you will not need to replace them more often. They are custom made and easy to install. The cost of concrete Skirting is ten to fifteen times higher than vinyl because of the material used.

  • Metal Skirting

Metal skirting is known for its durability and affordability. With metal skirting, you can easily paint it and repair it for future maintenance. Metal skirting also comes in different patterns and styles. The cost is relatively close to vinyl due to no or very little amount of spending on installation.

Corrugated metal panels can be used as showers and mobile home ceilings. They came into a trend just a few years ago because of their shiny look.

  • Foam Skirting

Foam skirting is more of a hybrid than having an individual identity of its own. Here, some of these skirtings act as an insulator and saves energy. They are usually used as backing, as a standalone solution.

How to Calculate How Much Skirting You Need

You need to know the exact measurements of your mobile home before you choose a skirting.

The steps for calculating your skirting are as follows:

  • Measure the width and length of all the four sides of your home and the three sides of your deck and porches. Add them all together. This will tell you the amount of channeling and framing you require to purchase for skirting.
  • Next is to measure the average height between the bottom of your home and the ground. For that, measure the height from all the corners of your home and in the middle. Add them together and divide it by six.

To measure the length of your skirting and calculate linear footage:

  • Measure all the sides of your home, including front, back, decks, porches, or even sunrooms. Add them all together.
  • When you have the linear footage and average height of your home, divide the total by six, and you will get an estimate of the cost.

You can also make use of the mobile home skirting calculators online. They will tell you the exact amount without any mistake.

Final Thoughts

Now, you have seen the vital importance of mobile home skirting. They are essential to improve and maintenance of your mobile home. The addition of skirting will not only change the whole appearance, but it can protect your home in any situation.

Although they are a variety of options to choose from, you can choose the one that meets your requirements.

Before purchasing, make sure you calculate the type and the amount of skirting you require. Once this is over, you can visit a store, choose the color, and install the skirting easily at your home. Your mobile home is safe and secure for the future.