Corner Pantry Cabinet as the Space Saver

Corner pantry cabinet is the answer for your problems regarding kitchen storage. By having appropriate pantry cabinet you will have a lot of things to store thus make your life on kitchen somewhat easier so held a dinner and chatting with friends while cooking the favorite dish are very convenient to do. Do you want to have corner pantry cabinet in the kitchen to save space and put a lot of foods and kitchen stuffs?


In accordance with the concept, goods and furniture placed in the minimalist kitchen also must be minimalist. Kitchen is most used every day starting from place to cook, place to eat and place to store and keep foods and materials for cooking. Furniture that must be available is corner pantry cabinet. As furniture where foods are kept, corner pantry cabinet should also be minimalist as it will match the view and the appearance will perfect the concept as minimalist kitchen.

This kind of furniture can be an alternative to get around with small kitchen. And in essence, you necessarily have to be sure of finding the right parts for your kitchen about where should it be placed as it will affect the view when entering kitchen.

Space of keeping goods at the corner of the kitchen cabinet gives you a wider space and takes up not too much space to place corner pantry cabinet. Besides, it will not disrupt the view and make it easy to move just to store or take the foods.

Antique Mahogany Corner Cabinet


If you want something different for your pantry then this antique corner pantry cabinet is the right answer. This will be definitely the center point on your kitchen or pantry or dining room. You could display your china collections or canisters collections and so forth on the above shelves that have see through glass window while on the bottom shelves that is closed for outside seeing you could store the kitchen supplies, food, herbs, spices and many more.

lazy susan cabinet


The lazy susan cabinet is always welcoming on the busy pantry and kitchen, that is why I love D shape lazy susan idea on this cabinet since it will save a lot of time when looking for the kitchen needs, just be careful when rotate the cabinet if you are careless then something may fall and cause fuss. This five shelves corner kitchen pantry cabinet is so cute, its white shelves enhance the clean cabinet.

Single door pantry cabinet


If you are looking for single door pantry cabinet then this product is for you. This old fashioned pine pantry cabinet will make your country style kitchen “live”. This kitchen cupboard made up from composite wood and has 3 shelves, 2 shelves are adjustable and the rest is fix. This kitchen pantry is narrow in shape and quite tall, the actual measure for the height is 60 inches.

Food Storage Cabinet


Have a lot of things to store on your kitchen then this food storage cabinet is for you. The oak pantry cabinet comes with several sizes shelves to compromise the height of goods that need to be stored. The six shelves are adjustable to make us easier in organizing the food and the stuffs.

White Corner Cabinet


White corner cabinet for clean kitchen and pantry. The exact colour of this corner pantry cabinet is white honey. This beautiful pantry cabinet really goes well with your white theme kitchen. Just make sure you know the sizes since the picture sometimes does not depict the real things. This white corner cabinet has 4 doors, two on the upper part and 2 on the bottom. This white kitchen pantry cabinet is perfect to any corner in the kitchen. White theme kitchen demands white corner pantry cabinet. Home Styles 5004-692 Americana Pantry Decorative Storage Cabinet is surely a great option since the quality of this pantry cabinet is great,you could look from the material made up this cabinet, the hardwood solids. The appearance of this white pantry cabinet is so great and really fit to any white pantry theme.

Plastic Kitchen Cabinet


Plastic kitchen cabinet is another way to make your kitchen and pantry organized and free from mess of food. Plastic is considered to be a good utility cabinet since its durability and lighter. So, if you need large capacity corner pantry cabinet, Sterilite 01428501 4-Shelf Utility Cabinet with Putty Handles, Platinum is the reliable choice for your kitchen.

Tall wood cabinet with doors


For you who have white theme kitchen and looking for the white corner pantry cabinet then this white tall one is for you. The five shelves perfect for your kitchen storage or anything that you need on kitchen. This tall cabinet that made up from solid pine wood and engineered wood and finish in white will be the best answer for the bulk kitchen supplies. On my opinion, pantry storage cabinet must come with doors so the inside stuffs are safe from bugs, insects and other things that could harm the stuffs. So, eventhough the price of this extra tall wood cabinet with 4 doors is more than the average tall cabinet on the market but still it worth to own as your stuffs will be safe and your kitchen will be more organized.

White Pantry Cabinet


This white pantry cabinet is great for your home need, for kitchen as the pantry cabinet to bathroom for storing your bathroom’s need or you may use it on your wardrobe room to store your clothes. Such a great functional cabinet. The wood that made up this kitchen pantry cabinet is laminate wood.

Large four door cabinet


If you need quite large pantry cabinet then this Ameriwood Deluxe Pantry is absolutely for you. Large capacity does not mean lack of style, this pantry cabinet proof it,the outer finish is great and the handles are sturdy. This corner pantry cabinet is also suitable for bathroom cabinet or office cabinet. The cabinet has four door, two on the upper part and two on the lower part. This large pantry cabinet storage also good to hold the bathroom supplies as well as linen or for garage tools.

Black Pantry Cabinet


Black pantry cabinet is all time favorite cabinet. This is a perfect black pantry cabinet that is suitable to put on the corner on the kitchen. The black finish making this pantry cabinet a great appearance. This nantucket pantry by Home Styles are made by both hardwood and engineered wood. There are 2 finish available for this cabinet, the distressed black finish and the distressed white finish. Pantry in black is my choice regarding kitchen cabinet, its gorgeous style make the kitchen looks elegant. This americana pantry made up from both solid hardwood and engineered wood and finished in black. Large stuffs on pantry will fit with this pantry cabinet as there are many shelves inside, both fixed shelves and adjustable shelves.

Black and Tall Corner Pantry Cabinet


Black corner cabinet tall is the best option for narrow kitchen. Tall cabinet tend to have narrow width thus not take so much space on the kitchen or pantry. Since it is tall then there will be so much space to hold the stuffs which is good for kitchen that need so many storage spaces. A black finish tall cabinet that has 4 shelves. 2 shelves on the top cabinet could be adjusted to help you organize the stuffs. There are 3 color options available that is white, black and red. This kitchen cabinet made up from engineered wood. The height is 48.25-inch. You need to assembly first before use. This is a black and tall corner pantry cabinet that has open shelves on the upper side. The upper open shelves remind me with old style kitchen cupboard or kitchen cabinet. The open shelves could be your display for your kitchen tools or gadgets.

Distressed Oak Finish

Kitchen usually demand large cabinet as kitchen has a lot of stuff to store. Home Styles 5004-69 Americana Pantry Storage Cabinet, Distressed Oak Finish is a great product for your corner pantry cabinet, the wood material is so sturdy and ensure your pantry cabinet will last in longer time. The appearance of this kitchen cabinet is awesome, the bright colour that come from oak finish will make your kitchen and pantry warm and clean. I love the outer appearance of this wooden pantry cabinet.This pantry made from both solid wood and engineered wood. This pantry cabinet has black finish, and this corner pantry cabinet has all that I love. The storage space is great. The adjustable shelves make it easier to store kitchen tools that are big and need extra space. The drawer is so useful to store the kitchen stuffs.

MultiPurpose Oak Storage Cabinet Medium Oak Finish


Multipurpose cabinet like this cabinet is a smart way to save a lot of money. With multipurpose cabinet we could do many things, if the kitchen or pantry need extra space to store food and kitchen appliances, this cabinet could do it but in case the bedroom need extra cabinet to hold bedding supplies then what we do is just take this cabinet and make it hold our bedroom supplies. Even in office could use the advantage of its presence, files and documentation that should be kept could stored on this multipurpose cabinet.

Kitchen Storage Cabinet with Handles


If you need a pantry cabinet to put on the corner to store your waste container or basket then you come to the right place. This corner pantry cabinet has a bottom shelf to store the basket for waste. As you may know that a great way to place waste container or basket is on hidden place on your kitchen or pantry but could be reached easily when needed and this cabinet has that feature.

Narrow Storage Cabinet with Recycle Bin

Storage Cabinet with Trash Can Holder or Laundry Hamper. Narrow does not mean ugly, This narrow pantry cabinet is the example. Featured 2 shelves that can be adjusted to suit your need, The upper door could be adjusted to open from left or right according to your space (you need to re-assembly this first). The other thing that can be adjusted is the base levelers. On the bottom, there is a shelf for a basket (removable) suitable for waste or laundry.

Tall Corner Storage Cabinet


If you have a narrow space on kitchen but need a storage cabinet to hold the many items of kitchen stuffs then this tall corner cabinet is the right answer for your problem. Its tall and narrow feature will fit with any kitchen or pantry that need storage solution. It has 2 doors and 5 shelves. Among those five shelves, 2 are fixed and 3 are adjustable. Wooden tall cabinet for kitchen in honey finish. You could freely manage the way you like since this cabinet has 2 adjustable shelves and 1 fixed shelf. This kitchen cabinet made up from both solid wood and engineered wood. You wont be disappointed since its country style will surely cheer up your kitchen or pantry.

Tall Corner Cabinet with Doors


This is a four doors tall corner pantry cabinet with honey white finish. This country style kitchen cabinet is perfect for the pantry storage cabinet. The upper parts of the cabinet has four shelves. No more messy things on the pantry as this cabinet will solve the problem.