French Country Kitchen Decor

French country kitchen is one of kitchen design which can be combined with any kitchen styles. This kitchen design is identical with country sense specifically in French. Natural nuance is really clear displayed in French country kitchen design, since the theme is rural accent. This natural accent is commonly applied in the kitchen as the color options, lighting options, windows, and natural accessories. French country kitchen can be applied in any kitchen in your home even with different space, shape, style, and building condition.

Decorate Your Kitchen With French Country Style

Simple ways in creating French country kitchen are offered in any media such as internet, home magazine, and television. The basic information to ease you creating your French country kitchen is by considering the appropriate color, decoration, and accessories. Country or rural accent can be created by applying such dull or soft color such as butter, mustard yellow, blue, cream, and off white. You can add other colors such as blue corn flower or salmon pink on the kitchen cabinets to complete the rural sense. Kind of shade lighting can help you to create vibrant in this French country kitchen.

Country Rooster Kitchen Rack

French Country Kitchens Often Include Roosters, Fruit, French Hydrangea, and Sunflowers


Attractive hanging kitchen rack to store many kind of appliances. Equipped with plate-box in the middle for more saving space. A must-have utility for any serious chef.

French country kitchen lighting


To create good lighting at day, some windows in the kitchen for example located in front of faucet is perfect. Choose chic curtain with drapery or short piece style on each window in the kitchen. For old accent for the curtain, select canvas or toile curtain. While for the motif curtain style, just pick some natural motifs such as vegetables, fruits, and herbs.


French country kitchen is also popular with romantic sense. If you prefer to create this romantic sense, put mounts of herb such as lavender on the ceiling rack to give such relaxing atmosphere of romantic and French rural sense. Put some ceramics vase or bowls to decorate free standing racks on the wall.

The French country interior decorating


The French country interior decorating ought to give a sense of elegant as well as comfy charm to any kitchen. This design pairs light blues and greens with painted accessories and furniture accessories for an up to date ambiance.


By making use of country french decorating in your kitchen, you can make it feel like the French countryside no matter where you reside.


Your kitchen window treatments can add interesting dimension to your design style or blend into the background You might want to look for curtains or sheers which are light and elegant. For a captivating design use some toile or patterned curtains.


Decorative accessories are a big part of any decorating style and adding pottery and dish towels to your room should help enhance the design theme. When designing accessories, a light but elegant design is fabulous. Pick out accessories which mirror your own style to the room for a distinct style that is all your own.


Much like anything else, it ïs essential to invest in the most suitable lighting fixtures for French country interior decorating. Lighting should be enhanced by french fabric shades. Explore adding some overhead lighting to your kitchen in this interior design for a fantastic look.


When remodeling your kitchen, don’t forget the kitchen chairs and tables. You ought to take a look at acquiring pieces that are painted pin to show off French country interior decorating. Stick to light and airy style items to look charming with your kitchen.


One thing some of us forget to focus on when using a decorating theme is the floor, so you must be certain to take your French country interior decorating the floor by displaying suitable area rugs. Remember that your floor covering is a big part of your ambiance, so you’ll need to add something that coordinates or matches with both the colors and the room design. Shop for light yellows, creams and beiges with your light rugs and your floor decor will likely set off the interior decorating scheme nicely.