Country Style Kitchens Home Decorating

Retro and vintage styles are the decorative trend of furniture that evokes the design of the 50s and 60s, the warm spaces where comfort and functionality combined with perfect. You already know what decorating style you want for your kitchen.

Here are suggestions to help you to achieve a country style kitchen

The easiest way to get country style kitchens, without making the work, is to include details that evoke the life activity in the field.

Handmade earthenware


Handmade earthenware is the beauty of the sidewalk win from time to time and the best accessories to create a natural atmosphere, especially if protected with wax at regular intervals. Some companies make a shiny piece of earthenware or metal that evokes the old design with materials such as old to give your kitchen a wonderful country feels.

Kitchen fireplace


Just by looking at a fireplace evokes a country house: reading and conversation will treat the fire crackling. If you decide to build one, be sure to also plan a space to store firewood.

Clay vinyl tiles


Clay is the hallmark in the cottage. Beautiful in appearance and is easier to maintain. Vinyl tile does not have the look of a hand-made from this material, but the absence of pores to make them easier to maintain. These tiles are manufactured in various sizes, colors, and finishes. In this case, granite polished concrete houses wooden doors and drawers are painted green. As for coating, improving the atmosphere of the country with clay tiles on the floor and walls are whitewashed. For smoke extractor does not collide with the traditional aesthetic, take cover with the work of bell. In the market, you will also find ceramic tile that mimics the look of clay vinyl tiles.

Wooden doors for kitchen countryside


Many characteristics of traditional architecture, its mission is to protect access to the residential water or snow. The diversity of the climate leads to make walls with different materials in each region; however, wood is a common element in all of rural houses. We look in the exposed door, although the chargers are painted in bright colors to look taller. The front grille was also entered into the type of decoration. The door comes with the price varies according to size and design.

Pine bench models


Select the furniture in the dining room of the same style as the rest of the kitchen, so that it is integrated to the maximum. To a high table or breakfast bar, choose solid pine bench models.

Country style kitchens dining chairs


The chair was created to enjoy, sharing with family and friends of … Hence the importance of feeling good on it with a nice decoration. For those who want to give all the attention to the pillow. Renovating a kitchen is as easy as changing the pillowcases. You can always hide the dining chairs under the table if space is lacking. Dare to combine different chairs is an excellent proposal.

Natural wood table


Basic guidelines to achieve the country style kitchens are to have plenty of natural light and enrich the area with the appropriate decoration: table wide, comfortable seats, in favor of extending the desktop, and the details, which give the unity with the whole. Do not forget to buy natural wood table, try to keep the work area and the rules, always prepare food on it.

Bamboo curtains


To achieve the same effect with the traditional model, using different bamboo curtains made with slats more opaque with thin stems. If any color dipped in bamboo, it should be far away from contact with the water so as not to ruin it, therefore, be sure to close the window in case of rain. Bamboo blinds in natural finish is maintained with water, detergent and a little ammonia.

Country kitchen cabinets

old-fashioned country kitchen cabinets

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, old-fashioned country kitchen cabinets will provide you with that feeling of comfort and coziness that will last all year long.

country style kitchens

After deciding on a country feel for your new kitchen design, you’ll need to choose the style that suits you best. Casual American country is the most popular choice in this category as it features popular country design elements such as patchwork, relaxing rustic and agrarian scenery, and imagery of livestock and harvested crops. Even if you live in the heart of the big city, you can quickly retreat to the peaceful countryside with an American country kitchen design.

If you want a country look with a classic European feel, you may want to consider a French country design. This is also a very popular choice among homeowners because it combines practicality with ornate elements and textures. It conveys a feeling of simplicity, but doesn’t sacrifice convenience and usability. This eye-catching design will brighten up your kitchen by using lighter colors and more natural finishes.

English country is another European choice which tends to be simpler in design than both French country and American country. With white painted wood, dark wooden surfaces, sleek lines and glass panels, the English country design exudes old-world class and quality at a reasonable price. If you want a simple, elegant look for your kitchen, this may be the right choice for you.

No matter which country kitchen cabinets you choose, you’ll notice a huge difference in the feel of your home after installation. Your kitchen will no longer be just another room in the house. Instead, it will become the setting for shared stories and great memories as your family and friends enjoy the comfort and warmth your new country kitchen provides!